Geometry Reconstruction

We specialize in advanced methods of geometry reconstruction by utilizing innovative technology such as 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Depth Sensing and Mobile LiDAR. We perform detailed scans of objects and reverse engineer the results into feature-complete CAD models. Furthermore we provide VR Visualisation for prototypes and 360 Tours of existing locations.

3D Scanning Services

We offer customer specific solutions in geometry reconstruction and prototyping. We achieve this by utilizing innovative technologies. Our goal is to enhance your processes of product creation. We perform detailed scans of objects and reverse engineer the results into feature-complete CAD models. These CAD models can be sent directly to manufacturing. Application of such methods are especially useful for Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding and General Goods Manufacturing Industries. Also we are able to scan very large areas and produce design environments, enabling product development teams to design in context. Such scans are critical when newly developed products are to be installed in already existing environment and require reliable references.

VR Architectural Visualisation Services

We are offering innovative support for prototyping: Virtual Reality reconstruction of your product in its early stages. This is suitable for companies seeking to enhance discussions with their customers. It allows real time navigation through a luxurious yacht or future apartment, bringing detail discussion to a complete new level. Presentation can be done on a large screen or in VR headset. Such presentation can be shared with your customers allowing them to come back to it anytime.

Engineering Process Outsourcing

Meta-Scan offers outsourcing options for various engineering activities such as CAD, BIM, FEM, DWG and many others. We work closely with our clients from Automotive, Aerospace, Maritime and Civil Engineering industries to meet their requirements. We are able to outsource large and small contracts which require vast engineering knowledge.

We are Mobile

Meta-Scan is a very mobile organisation, we are ready to dispatch our team of specialists to your location anytime. We can perform scanning missions at your sites or receives parts at our offices. We are ready to tend to your requests anywhere within the EU at anytime.

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